3 design skirting families

square cascade contour


3 families, endless possibilities.

A unique collection of profiles that let you impose your style on any décor.
These 3 families mean that at last, there's a complete product group full of accessible
mouldings to suit all styles, sizes, uses and budgets.

FOR EVERY STYLE. The Orac Decor® designer skirting boards offer something for everyone, thanks to their three clever designs: SQUARE, CASCADE and CONTOUR.

MADE TO MEASURE for your interior All these products come in three sizes: small, medium and large.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE. Use as a skirting board, cornice, door frame or wall panel: no matter where you put these wall decorations, the mouldings feel at home in any environment.

IDEAL FOR RENOVATIONS. Each design is available as a skirting board cover.

FLEXIBLE USE. The Flex technology follows all the wall's curves with ease.

AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE. Base elements that can be installed quickly and easily, at a very affordable price: from 4 euro per metre length.

SUSTAINABLE AND USER-FRIENDLY. All Orac Decor® profiles are water and shock resistant, and come with a primer coating that can be painted.


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