Domes add a piece of heaven to your home. Some models are suitable for flush mounting, others for surface mounting.

Even integrated into a wall they provide great optical effects.


Luxxus occupies an exclusive position within the overall ORAC DECOR® brand, as it contains a unique selection of luxury creative profiles and decorative accessories. A complete range to provide a total concept with real style - from cornices and panel mouldings, skirting-boards and wainscoting to lighting systems and door furniture, all with that little extra something.

The different mouldings are united in their strong visual impact, which means they help set the tone of your interior with their striking looks and contours or their conspicuous dimensions. In short, the ideal way to put that out-of-the- ordinary finishing touch to your decor. And what is more, we are continually adding innovative ideas and creations from top designers.

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